About Honey & Sage Salon

Welcome to Honey & Sage Salon, the ultimate embodiment of the Aveda philosophy.

Owner Donna Gardner knows better than anyone that true beauty is constantly evolving as it grows. That’s why what began as Retreat Salon Spa many years ago has blossomed into Honey & Sage, a sanctuary that beautifully expresses Donna’s founding vision of a community where all are welcome to experience the Aveda lifestyle, philosophy, and mission. 

After meeting Aveda founder Horst Rechelbacher, Donna was so inspired by his vision for Aveda and the earth, she knew she wanted to own a salon that reflected that mission. That’s why at Honey & Sage, we measure our success by guaranteeing the highest level of service and expertise to our guests in an atmosphere of warmth, trust, and welcoming.

Our stylists are supported through three levels of carefully devised training to ensure the service you receive is unparalleled. Our team works to learn and thrive together so we are able to immediately convey quality to our guests through the positive connections crucial to our culture. Everyone who passes through our salon—team and guests alike—are integral parts of the family we have created and are treated as such.

This philosophy does not end at the salon’s doors. We like to imagine we send each guest into the world having affected their day more positively, but we work hard to make a difference in our community in tangible ways, too. That’s why we regularly donate our services and expertise to local homeless and women’s shelters as well as local beauty schools. We know that making a difference means giving back to the community in which you took root.

So come in, sit back, and have a cup of tea. We can’t wait to get to know you.